Happy International Volunteer Managers Day – Day 5

We have been celebrating volunteer managers from all over the world by sharing their stories of success from this year. We received so many amazing stories that we had to spread our celebration out over a whole week! We are so thankful to be a part of celebrating your accomplishments. If you haven’t had the

Happy International Volunteer Managers Day – Day 4

Thank you for joining us for another day of volunteer manager success stories! This year has certainly had its share of challenges, but so many of you have still succeeded and thrived! It has been incredibly encouraging to hear your stories, and we are so happy to be able to share them! We received over

Happy International Volunteer Managers Day – Day 3

Welcome back for day 3 of our celebration of volunteer managers! November 5 was International Volunteer Managers Day, and we’ve collected stories from volunteer managers to share how they have succeeded this year! It has been incredible to hear how they have continued to serve their communities and organizations even in the midst of very

Happy International Volunteer Managers Day – Day 2

International Volunteer Managers Day was yesterday, November 5, 2020. To celebrate the accomplishments of volunteer managers this year, we collected many of their stories of success from 2020. However, we received so many incredible responses that we weren’t able to share them all in one day! So we’ve decided to extend the celebration and share

Happy International Volunteer Managers Day

Today is a special day, and we’d like to stop to celebrate all the volunteer managers around the world who are dedicated to serving their communities and affecting positive change in our world. It has been a crazy and challenging year for many volunteer programs, but we know that volunteer managers have continued to serve

How To Recruit Your Next Nonprofit Intern

How to recruit the best interns for your nonprofit

Connecting with nonprofit interns is one story. Connecting with curious, motivated, hardworking, high-energy, and positive individuals seeking to make a real impact at your organization — even briefly — is entirely another.  Make the most out of nonprofit intern programs at your organization with this guide to managing nonprofit internships — here, we’ll cover: Where to scout,

Guide to Writing a Winning Grant Proposal

Guide to Writing a Winning Grant Proposal

Many volunteer and nonprofit organizations are familiar with the process of writing grants. Officially, a grant proposal is a request for money. But convincing funders to have the same stake in a cause as the grant writer does, and proposing it in a way that garners the right attention, can be a painstaking process. For

Google Analytics 101 for Volunteer Organizations

Google Analytics 101 for Volunteer Organizations

Google Analytics (GA) is an invaluable tool for nonprofits and other volunteer organizations. It provides quantitative data organizations can use to tailor their online strategies, measure their return on investment, and achieve specific goals. Using GA is particularly useful for targeting millennial donors. Studies show that 93% of millennials donate to nonprofits, 71% of them

Guide to Choosing the Best Volunteer Management Software

Guide to Choosing the Best Volunteer Management Software

Your volunteer organization wouldn’t be the same without its volunteers. These are the folks using their free time to show up at your door, support your causes, and bring your mission to life. Selecting the right volunteer management system for your organization ensures you create the best volunteer experience for them. Plus, these systems simplify

Screening Potential Volunteers For Safety

The Ultimate Guide to Volunteer Screening

Having a team of volunteers can significantly increase the impact of an organization. Competent volunteers can make a significant difference in day-to-day operations, and working with your organization benefits them by allowing them to build new skills and experience. However, you know not just any volunteer will do. During the process of finding and signing