Restore Deleted Volunteers Feature Released

There may be times when volunteer records are deleted from the system accidentally. To address this, Volgistics released a new feature that allows you to recover these records within 5 days after they have been deleted. Now, as long as a System Operator’s rights allow them to delete volunteer records, they can also restore records

New VicTouch Feature for Group Sign-in

Group leaders can enter the number of volunteers serving in VicTouch and have this information automatically added to the service entry for the group. If you use group records in your account and use the VicTouch module, your group leaders can now enter the number of volunteers serving in the group when they sign-in through

New Travel Time Merit Hours Feature

The Travel Time Merit Hours feature allows you to add volunteer service to recognize time spent traveling to volunteer. Volgistics has always had a feature to use Merit Hours to add time to a volunteer’s regular service hours automatically. This is useful in situations where you want to award extra service because the volunteer served