Text Messaging Feature Released

We’re pleased to announce a new text messaging feature. You can send custom texts to volunteers, and volunteers can choose to receive automated messages, such as reminders, as text messages.

Volgistics now has texting to enhance your ability to communicate with your volunteers. Many volunteers (young and old alike) prefer to receive updates through texts instead of email messages due to their busy lives. Texting allows you to send them messages and reminders that they will receive while they’re on the go!

We’re excited to offer this new feature free-of-charge to our customers. Because regulations require users to follow an opt-in process to receive texts, accounts will need to have the VicNet module included in their service level to enable text messaging. If you do not have VicNet and would like to add it to your service level, please see the information here.

You will be able to send volunteers and Coordinators custom text messages. Depending on your account’s setup, volunteers can also receive text Schedule Reminder and reminder messages when Checklist items are due. Additionally, Coordinators can receive schedule alert messages by text to let them know when volunteers have added or removed themselves from the schedule. System Operators can also have texts sent for application alerts to let them know when an application form has been received.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the new text messaging feature:

You can find more information on texting in the following Help topics too:

Help Topic 1300 – “Text Messaging”
Help Topic 1301 – “Getting Started with Text Messaging”

We feel this new enhancement will compliment Volgistics’ robust features and hope you will find it to be a valuable tool for communicating with your volunteers! As always, please feel free to submit a help inquiry if you have any questions.

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