Tip of the Week August 29, 2016

Use Sets to make Checklist items apply to volunteers in multiple Assignments. When you setup a Checklist item, you can have it apply to volunteers who have a specific Assignment by selecting that Assignment’s name from the “Those assigned to” dropdown list. Or, you can select a Site or a Place from the dropdown to

Tip of the Week July 11, 2016

Setup automatic reports to remind you to change a youth volunteer’s record when they become adults Many organizations separate adult and youth volunteers by giving them different Types in their account such as “Adult” and “Junior.” There is not a way to automatically change the volunteer’s Type when they reach a specific age, but you

Tip of the Week June 1, 2015

Use a Set to find records that have information in a spare field. There may be times when you need to find all the volunteer records in your account that have information in a specific text field. For example, if you’ve been given the task of verifying the information in a field called School where

Tip of the Week January 12, 2015

Create a Set to find small or large service entries. At times you may get abnormal service entries that have been created. For example, if you use the VicTouch module, sometimes a volunteer will sign-in for an assignment, re- enter their PIN number to check the schedule, and then click the “Sign-out” button out of

Tip of the Week September 29, 2014

Recent additions to Set rules add more search options. Your satisfaction with Volgistics is important to us and we are continually working to improve your experience with the software. As part of the improvement process, we have made three changes to the Set rules available to query, or filter, the database. In May, we added