Review VicNet and VicTouch use

Tip of the Week January 8, 2024

If your account’s service level includes the VicNet or VicTouch modules, you may want to review how you’re using those features. This allows you to make informed decisions about whether the module is being underutilized and more operator training or volunteer training is needed, or if you should consider removing the module from your service level.

If you have access to your account’s Setup page, you can review VicNet and VicTouch use by following these steps:

  1. Select Setup from the Menu.
  2. Choose Account management.
  3. Click the Account status link.

The Vic Activity section shows usage and the last reset. If you want to start a fresh count at zero, click the Reset button beside the module you want to reset. Track Overall Usage and Last VicNet Access Date offers additional information for tracking volunteers’ VicNet use.

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