Prompt a Password Reset for System Operators

Tip of the Week August 26, 2019 Whether you’re assigning an operator a password that you want to make temporary, or your organization has security concerns and wants all users to update their login information, or you simply want to require specific users to update their credentials, it can be useful to prompt system operators

How to Prevent Volunteer No-Shows

At one point or another, it’s bound to happen. Someone signs up for a volunteer slot, then doesn’t show up. In fact, it happens a lot for most charities. Putting a plan in place can save you and your organization a lot of frustration. Try our tips for reducing volunteer no-shows to make this inevitability

Keep Report Columns All on One Page

Tip of the Week August 19, 2019 If you’ve created a custom report in PDF format, you may find instances where some columns of information extend beyond the width of the page causing them to appear on subsequent pages. If this is the case, you can sometimes make all the columns appear on one page

Volunteer Scheduling Tips

Improve the Volunteer Scheduling Process Do you schedule volunteers for your organization? Then you know what a challenge it can be. You have to worry about your charity’s needs while also balancing the needs of your volunteers, and that harmony is not easy to find. A little advance planning can make a huge difference. Use

Print Service Report for a Single Archived Volunteer Record

Tip of the Week August 12, 2019 There may be times you want to print service reports for archived volunteer records. One way to do this is to create a custom Excel report that contains service information for all archived volunteers. Help topic 1997 shows how to do this. Archived records also show automatically on

Time Management Tips for Volunteer Managers

Time Management Advice for Volunteer Managers Many nonprofits are small operations where employees wear many hats. You may have a lot of duties in addition to managing your volunteers. At times, this workload can feel overwhelming, but it’s possible to become more effective and improve your time management skills. We’ve put together a list detailing

Set Schedule Calendar to Default to a Specific Date or Month

Tip of the Week August 05, 2019 If you’re using Volgistics for an event that will take place in the future, you may want to setup the schedule calendar to default to a specific date or month. This makes it easier to use because you will not need to change the view each time you

Top Reasons That Volunteers Quit

Is there a reason you’re losing volunteers? If you’ve noticed that people aren’t coming back, you may wonder if the exits reflect on your nonprofit. Sometimes you can address the reasons volunteers quit at an organizational level, and sometimes they’re personal issues you cannot resolve. Here are five of the top reasons good volunteers leave

Use the Find Fields, and the Advanced Options, to Locate Volunteer Records

Tip of the Week July 29, 2019 When you’re searching for specific groups of volunteer records, the Basic options on the Volunteers page provide a powerful search tool. For example, to locate just Active Adult volunteers, select “Active” from the Status dropdown and “Adult” from the Type dropdown, and then click the “All” link. However,

Volunteer Management Challenges

5 Facts About Management Challenges There are so many common problems with volunteer management that every administrator can relate to. Whether you struggle to recruit new volunteers or fight an ongoing lack of resources, these issues can frustrate even the most productive charities. We’ve compiled some of the biggest challenges you can face and a