Email codes

It is sometimes useful to include volunteer names, volunteer PIN numbers, or even their VicNet passwords in an email you send through Volgistics.  Now there is a way to do this.  When you create an email in Volgistics, simply put double brackets and the word name, number, or password between double brackets.  The individual(s) receiving the email will see their name, their PIN number, or their VicNet password instead of the double bracket ‘code’.  For example, if you would like to send an email and include the volunteer names at the top of the message, you can start the message like this:

Hi [[name]], this is Larry with ABC Hospital….

When the volunteer receives this message, they will see their name replace the [[name]] code (e.g. Hi John Doe, this is Larry with ABC Hospital…).

The three different ‘codes’ you can use in email to include these items are:

[[name]] – this will include the volunteer’s first and last name

[[number]] – this will include the volunteer’s PIN number

[[password]] – this will include the volunteer’s VicNet password

We will soon have an email code to include just the first name of volunteers in email you send through Volgistics and will post a new blog entry when this capability is available.

If you have any questions about using this feature, please submit an inquiry through your Volgistics account.

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