Clearing custom fields

In Volgistics there are 6 spare drop downs, 6 spare fields, and 6 spare check boxes available on the Profile tab of volunteer records.  You can customize these drop downs, fields, and check boxes to track information important to your organization.  In the past, if an organization decided they wanted to use one of these fields to track something different, they could re-name the field but there was no easy way to clear all of the information that was previously stored in these fields.  For example, if an organization utilized a spare field to track T-shirt size for their volunteers, but later decided they did not want to track this information any longer, they would have to go into each volunteer record and delete the information (T-shirt size) one at a time.

Recently we created an option to clear all of the information stored in these custom fields so that you can clear this information in a single step.  To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Click ‘Setup’ from menu in your Volgistics account

2. Choose ‘Field options’

3. Choose ‘Profile tab (for volunteers)’

4. Choose the spare drop down, spare field, or spare check box you would like to clear the information from in volunteer records (e.g. choose ‘Spare dropdown 1’)

5. In the “Clear this field” section, read what happens if you choose to clear this field.  If you would like to proceed and clear this field, then click the “Delete all data from this field” button

6. Read the confirmation that appears on the screen.  If you are sure you would like to clear all data stored in this field, then enter your password in the appropriate field, then click the ‘Continue’ button

Now all of the information that was stored in this field will be deleted and this field will now be ‘Hidden’ in volunteer records (you can un-hide this field at any time and re-name as necessary to track other information).

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