Tip of the Week September 3, 2012

Use a Volunteer Profile report to make a hard copy of the application form

Volgistics receives the information from volunteer application forms into your database and this information is used to populate the fields on the volunteer’s record. There is not a way to create a print, or hard copy, version of the completed application.

If you need a printed copy, though, one can be created by using a Volunteer Profile report. This report includes options to include instruction, statement and signature fields on the Fields tab of the report so you can use it to keep a signed Confidentiality or Release statement on file. If you need help creating the report, help topic 2223 has more information.

Once the report is created, you can print it for a single volunteer record by tagging the record first. If you’re receiving applications into your database from the Applications tab of your Volgistics Mailbox, the records will already be tagged so it speeds up the process.

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