Tip of the Week February 12, 2018

Simplify VicNet access for users who have a volunteer and a Coordinator record. If your organization uses the VicNet module, you may have users who have a volunteer and a Coordinator record in the system. In this case, the user would need to enter the appropriate login name and password combination each time to be

Tip of the Week January 8, 2018

Review VicNet and VicTouch use. If your account’s service level includes the VicNet or VicTouch modules, you may want to review usage at times. This allows you to make informed decisions about whether the module is being underutilized and more training is needed, or if you want to remove the module from your service level

Tip of the Week December 11, 2017

Disable VicNet access for specific volunteer records If your organization uses VicNet, there may be times when you want to disable access for some volunteers. You control who can access VicNet overall by using the Status, and the Type and Flag settings on the VicNet Ground Rules page. However, there may be times when you

Tip of the Week November 13, 2017

Allow volunteers to see who else is scheduled in VicNet If your organization uses VicNet or VicTouch, you can allow volunteers to see other volunteers who are scheduled by following these steps: Select Setup from the menu. Expand the ‘VicNet’ link. Select ‘Schedule tab’. Under ‘Volunteers can…’, select one of the options for showing who

TLS 1.2 Required After October 15, 2017

This blog post is about a security update that is on the horizon for Volgistics. Before we tell you about the update, though, a little background information is in order. So hang on and we’ll get to the information you need in a little bit. (If you’re the tech savvy type and want to jump

Tip of the Week August 7, 2017

Set schedule calendar to default to a specific date or month If you’re using Volgistics for an event that will take place in the future, you may want to setup the schedule calendar to default to a specific date or month. This makes it easier to use because you will not need to change the

Tip of the Week July 24, 2017

Offset costs by placing advertisements on VicNet If your organization uses the scheduling substitute volunteersVicNet module, you may be interested to know that you can place advertisements on the VicNet Home page. These ads can be used as part of your fundraising efforts or as an exchange for services. For example, if you provide lunch

Tip of the Week February 20, 2017

Include archived volunteers in Excel spreadsheet reports Your Volgistics database is divided into archived and non-archived sections. The Archive is designed for long term storage of inactive volunteers. In your account’s service level, archived records cost significantly less because they have more limited functionality than non-archived records. For example, archived volunteers cannot be tagged or

Tip of the Week December 19, 2016

Find a volunteer’s last access to VicNet If you use the VicNet module to allow volunteers to login to the secure portal to do things such as update their contact information, download forms, receive messages, view or record service, and more, you may sometimes need to see when a volunteer signed into the module last.

Tip of the Week November 14, 2016

Create a Set to find small or large service entries. At times you may get abnormal service entries that have been created. For example, if you use the VicTouch module, sometimes a volunteer will sign-in for an assignment, re- enter their PIN number to check the schedule, and then click the “Sign-out” button out of