Tip of the Week February 26, 2018

Helpful Hints for VicNet Passwords

If your organization uses the VicNet module, your volunteers will need a password to login to the secure portal. You can manage the settings on the VicNet Ground Rules page to allow volunteers to change their own password, and volunteers can acquire a new password at any time by clicking the “Forget your password?” link on the sign-in page.

Also, System Operators can change volunteers’ passwords on the Vic tab of their record. Help topic 2162 explains more about how this is done. Operators can also send passwords with the Send Password button, the VicNet password email, or with an email code. Please note that, by design, there is not a way for Operators to see a volunteer’s password.

When a volunteer’s password is reset they are provided a temporary password. Upon logging in they’ll be prompted to replace this temporary password with a new, permanent password they’ll use henceforth. Help topic 1305 explains more.

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