Tip of the Week February 19, 2018

Include the Source, Batch, or Directive fields for service entries on Service Details Reports

Service Detail reports are designed to provide specific information about service entries that appear on the volunteer’s Service tab. When you create a custom Service Detail report and select to list volunteers on the Options tab, you can include volunteer fields on the Fields tab. Listing volunteers allows you to select the Source, Batch and Directive fields.

The Source field is beneficial because it shows how the service was entered. “Manual” means a System Operator entered the service, or edited a service entry. “VicNet” means the service was entered by the volunteer on the Time Sheet tab of VicNet, and “VicTouch” means the entry was created by the volunteer signing in through VicTouch. Including the Batch field will show the batch number service was posted under if any apply. The Directive field will show which Service Measure, if any, the service entry was applied to.

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