Tip of the Week March 25, 2013

Finding a volunteer’s application date and/or when the record was added to your database

If you use online application forms to receive information from prospective volunteers, you may sometimes need information about when a volunteer submitted the application. There is not a field in Volgistics that tracks the exact date an applicant applies because information from applications is usually routed to the Applications tab of your Volgistics Mailbox until you process the application.

However, you can review your account’s Event Log if you need to find the exact date an applicant submitted an application. The log will show an Event called “Application Submitted” and the Description column will list the applicant’s name. In many cases, you can speed up the search process if you’re looking for a particular name by using your web browser’s find (or search) feature. You can usually bring this up by holding down the “CTRL” key on your keyboard while pressing the “F” key.

Once an application is received into your database, Volgistics tracks the date it was received by using the “Date Entered” field. You can find this field in the Dates box on the History tab of each volunteer record. It is also available on most reports that have volunteer information. Please note, if the record was added to your database in some other way than receiving an application form, the “Date Entered” field will reflect the date the record was created by the other method.

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