Tip of the Week July 23, 2012

See how many submissions an application has received

Many organizations that use the online application forms want to know how many applications they have received. This can be useful for internal information, or for completing reports for grants and other external agencies. While you can create Sets to identify the number of volunteers who have a Status such as Applicant during a certain time period, Volgistics also tracks the number of submissions each application form you use receives. To see this figure:

1. Select Setup from the Menu.

2. Expand the “Online forms” link.

3. Select “Volunteer application forms.”

The number of submissions each form has received will appear in parenthesis behind the form’s name. To see the date this count started accumulating from, click on the name of a particular form and then scroll down to the Submissions heading.  To reset the submissions to zero with the current date, click the “Reset this count” button. If you are keeping track of submissions for reporting purposes, it may be useful to document the numbers and dates since this information will no longer be available in Volgistics once the count is reset.

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