Tip of the Week July 30, 2012

Use Checklist items to track flu shots, TB tests, background checks, orientations and more

Many healthcare organizations are required by law to track and report whether their volunteers have had flu shots or TB tests. Other agencies may require volunteers to pass a background check before they can volunteer. Volgistics comes with a built in feature called Checklist items that makes all of these tasks easier.

You start by setting up your Checklist item to apply to the volunteers who will need to complete the requirement. During setup you can select to have automatic email reminders sent to the volunteer if the Checklist item will need to be renewed. These can be setup to be sent at three different intervals you choose. For example, 30 days before the Checklist expires, 14 days before the Checklist expires and after the Checklist expires.

When volunteers finish the requirement, you mark it as completed and a date entry is created on the volunteer’s History tab. You can run general Checklist item reports, or date history reports, in PDF or Excel formats to satisfy reporting requirements.

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