Tip of the Week April 15, 2013

Place links to URL addresses for training videos, web pages, and more on the VicNet module

If your organization uses the VicNet module, you can place a link on the Home tab of VicNet to training materials the volunteers need. Volunteers can login to the secure module and click the link to be taken to the web address that has the information. This allows you to post links to training sites for your volunteers, but not make these links available to the general public.

Please note, that there is not a way for the actual content of the web site (i.e. the training video, PowerPoint presentation, etc.) to be hosted through Volgistics. ¬†You will need to host the material on your organization’s web site, a third party’s site (such as Screencast or YouTube), or use an existing web site that already has the material in place.

The setup uses an image as the link to the URL address so you will need to create, or find, a suitable image for your link. Once you have your image, follow the process for setting up advertisements on VicNet shown in help topic 2288. It will work the same even though you’re not setting up an advertisement. You can see an example of how this is used to link to the Volgistics’ volunteer training videos in our sample accounts.

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