Tip of the Week April 8, 2013

Finding and recording volunteer absences

If your organization needs to keep track of when volunteers do not show up for scheduled assignments , Volgistics can help.

The first step is to make sure all volunteer service for the date in question has been entered into the system.  When this is done, you can create a Set to look for volunteers who were scheduled on a certain date, but who do not have any service recorded for the date. Help topic 2320 shows how to do this.

Once you identify the volunteers who were absent, you can use Volgistics’ Service Measure feature to keep track of the date and assignment they were absent from. Help topic 2275 shows how to create, and use, a Service Measure to do this.

You can see an example of how a Service Measure for this is setup in our sample accounts. These accounts are pre-loaded with volunteer and assignment information mimicking how a medical center might use Volgistics. You can view and change the information in the account just as you would in a real account, but your changes will not be saved when your session ends. To see a sample account, go to www.volgistics.com, hover over Purchase in the menu at the top of the page, and select “Sample Account.”

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