Tip of the Week April 2, 2013

Login tips for accessing your account

We hope you appreciated our April Fools’ day post. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to develop a Universal Login feature at this time—we’ll see what technology has in store for the future. In the meantime, here are some tips to make logging in to Volgistics easier.

  • It is not possible to login without entering your account number and email address. However, if you use the same computer most of the time, and cookies are enabled on that computer, you can use the “Remember my credentials at this computer” checkbox on the login page to have these fields automatically populated the next time you login.
  • If you use the option to have your account number saved, you may not memorize the number so if you ever need to work at a different computer it will not be available. To avoid being unable to access your account, we recommend saving the number in a private, secure place. Please be aware that this may give potential unauthorized users access to information they can use. We recommend always memorizing passwords so that these are not available, or at the very least never storing your account number, email address and password in the same place.
  • If operators forget their credentials and make multiple invalid login attempts, Volgistics places a security block on that IP address to protect your information. If this inadvertently happens, a System Operator with access to Setup can clear the block if they are already logged in, or they login from a device with a different IP address. Our October 15, 2012 Tip of the Week explains more.

You can find more information on logging in to Volgistics in Help topic 2297.

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