New Features in Latest Update

The latest release contains two new usability enhancements that are pretty self-explanatory, but because they change the look and function of two important pages we decided to announce them with a blog post.

The first change is on the page you see when you select Volunteers from the Menu. When the list is initially shown, it is sorted in alphabetical order based on the volunteer’s last name. An enhancement was added that will allow you to click on the headers that appear at the top of each column to sort the page by that column.  Help topic 1202 shows how you can select the fields, or columns, that appear on the Volunteers page, plus it has more information about the sorting option.

The second change is on the page you see when you select Print from the menu. The page is now organized by report styles to make finding the reports you need easier. Reports that are created with rows and columns of information appear under “Table Style Reports.” Reports designed to be printed on labels appear under “Label Style Reports.” Schedule reports appear under “Other Reports” because they can be in calendar, list or table formats. If you created custom reports, they will still be found under the link they were originally created under.

Also on this page, an enhancement was added that will show you a thumbnail image when you place your cursor over a stock report. If you place your cursor over the thumbnail image, an expanded view of the image appears showing you a sample of the report. This change will make it easier to identify the report you need.

We hope these new updates make your experience with Volgistics more productive and enjoyable.

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