Making Default Service Measures Retroactive

Many of you know that you can set up Volgistics with service measures to track things other than just volunteer hours. Examples of things you may want to track with service measures include: how many miles a volunteer has driven, how many shifts a volunteer has served or even if the volunteer has made monetary donations. 

Volgistics now offers the option to make service measures retroactive. This is useful in instances where, for example, your organization has just started tracking how many shifts a volunteer serves and you set the default to automatically give the volunteer one shift each time he or she has recorded service in a day.  Before this feature enhancement, that only affected new service records from that point forward.  With the ability to make service measures retroactive, the system will allow the default entry for the service measure to be added to past service records that did not have anything recorded for that service measure. To do this:

1. Select ‘Setup’ from the Menu

2. Choose ‘Service tracking’

3. Click on ‘Service measures’

4. Select a particular Service Measure

5. Enter the default value you would like if it isn’t entered already, and then click the ‘Make default value retroactive’ button

6. In the pop-up that asks if it’s OK to add this default value to all existing service records in which this measure is currently zero, click the ‘OK’ button

Help topic 1017 “How to Setup a Service Measure” has information if you want to learn more about this feature.

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