Electronic Document Storage in Development

Plans are underway to add a new paperless document storage feature to Volgistics. This feature will give you the ability to store electronic files for your volunteer records

The Volgistics Team is currently working on adding a new feature for paperless document storage. To keep with the Volunteer Information Center (VIC) naming convention for VicNet and VicTouch, the new feature will be called VicDocs.

When it is completed, VicDocs will add the ability to upload scanned files to your volunteer records. For example, if your organization must keep a signed photo release form for each volunteer, you will be able to scan the signed form and then upload the file to the volunteer’s record. The new feature will also automatically save an electronic copy of an applicant’s online application form as it appeared when they submitted it. Due to the size of the project, VicDocs will be released in phases.

After phase one, you will be able to print a blank PDF copy of your online volunteer application forms. This allows you to make paper copies of your application forms that you can give to volunteers who are not able to complete applications online. A System Operator for your account will need to enter the information from the paper form to create a volunteer record in your account.

At the end of the second phase, the system will automatically save a PDF copy of the completed online application form to the respective volunteer record. This will preserve the applicant’s selections on the form at the time it was submitted. This could be necessary if you need to verify that a volunteer made a selection such as checking the I Agree checkbox when they submitted their application.

The third phase of the VicDocs project will introduce the ability to upload documents to each volunteer record. At this point, we anticipate supported document formats will include PDF files; Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files; text files (.txt and .rtf); and image files (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp). Due to the increases in bandwidth, storage, and administrative costs associated with adding electronic document storage, the third phase will have a nominal fee that will need to be paid in order to add VicDocs to your account’s service level. The fee will vary depending on the number of volunteer records in your account and we believe you will find the fee structure quite reasonable.

We are excited to add the document storage feature and we’re confident you will find these new features a helpful addition to the already feature-rich Volgistics system . Please keep an eye on our blog and Facebook pages for release announcements. If you have any questions regarding this new feature, please submit an inquiry to the support team.

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