VicTouch and Apple Mobile Devices

The VicTouch module was originally designed to provide an interactive touch screen to be used by volunteers at your facility. One of the features it offers is a time-clock function that volunteers use to check-in and out. You can learn more about the VicTouch module here.

VicTouch was designed for use at a computer with a touch screen monitor attached. But with the release of Apple’s iOS 6 and its new Guided Access feature, we feel the use of VicTouch can be expanded to Apple touch screen devices that have the new operating system installed. These include the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. You can find out more about the recommended setup for using VicTouch on these devices here.

We’re excited about the new mobility and versatility that using VicTouch on these devices will offer. An Internet connected iOS 6 device can be used as the sole sign-in station for volunteers, or in conjunction with a traditional “non-mobile” station. Here are just a few ideas for its use:

  • If you record service hours for volunteers attending an orientation or other meetings, the device can be passed around the room so volunteers can login.
  • If a volunteer forgets to login, a volunteer manager can bring the device to the volunteer’s location so he or she can sign-in for duty.
  • If volunteers are serving in a temporary location such as at a disaster relief site, or at a park clean-up, the device can be brought to that location so volunteers can sign-in when they arrive.

We’re sure there are many other scenarios where having a portable sign-in station may be useful. Feel free to experiment with its use in other settings to make the most out of this option! As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or need help setting this up.

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