Tip of the Week October 1, 2012

Use Volgistics’ Substitute Tracking feature when volunteers are not able to serve

When volunteers are sick or unable to serve, you can remove them from the schedule for that date and then place a substitute volunteer on the schedule. However, an easier way to do this is to use Volgistics’ Substitute Tracking feature to handle short term absences. In order to use this feature, you must first check the “Use substitute tracking” box on the Scheduling Ground Rules page.  Then to schedule the substitute volunteer, go to the date on the schedule the volunteer will be unable to serve and click the Edit link in the row where the volunteer appears. This opens an “Edit a schedule entry” box where you can select the substitute volunteer. If the volunteer is filling an opening on the schedule, be sure to click the Edit link that appears on the left in the row with the volunteer’s name. Clicking the Edit link on the right will open the “Edit an opening” box used for changing the opening’s options.

Help topic 1167 has more information on setting up and using the Substitute Tracking feature.

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