Unfilled Openings Count

Volunteers can now see how many openings are still available when a group of volunteers is needed for an assignment. This feature is available on VicNet and VicTouch and is handy if friends or groups want to have the same schedule to facilitate carpooling, break sharing or other things. You must have self-scheduling turned on in order to use this feature.
To enable volunteers to see how many openings are available for an assignment, follow these steps:

1. Click ‘Setup’ on the Menu

2. Expand the ‘VicTouch’ or ‘VicNet’ link

3. Click ‘Self scheduling’

4. Make sure the checkbox in front of “Show the number of volunteers still needed for each opening” is checked

5. Click the ‘Save’ button

Now when volunteers view the schedule, they will also see the number of volunteers still needed.

As always, please submit a help inquiry through your Volgistics mailbox if you have questions about this, or any other, feature.

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