Turn Information Buttons Off for a System Operator

Information buttons in the Volgistics account can now be disabled on an operator-by-operator basis.

To help new System Operators become familiar with the system, Volgistics has information buttons throughout the account that have a brief explanation of the field or feature. Quite often, these will link to help topics that have more information. For example, here’s what an operator would see if they put their cursor over the information button by the Type field on the Core tab of the volunteer’s record.

Once an operator becomes familiar with the system, these information buttons can be turned off if you wish. To do this:

1. Select Setup from the menu.

2. Expand the System Operators link.

3. Select the name of the operator to update.

4. Un-check the box in front of See information popup icons in the This operator is allowed to section of the page.

5. Click the Save button.

If you need assistance making this change, or have any other questions, please submit a help inquiry to the Volgistics Support Team

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