Tip of the Week May 22, 2017

Schedule volunteers with Assignment Opening Rules enforced

Via the Schedule tab of an Assignment record or the Schedule page from the menu, System Operators are always able to schedule volunteers for any time even if the Rules tab of the corresponding Assignment is setup to allow scheduling for “Openings only”. However, operators may wish to only assign volunteers to openings per an Assignment’s settings.

This can be more easily facilitated by scheduling volunteers from the Schedule tab of their own Volunteer record. When scheduling volunteers this way, more limitations will be in effect: Assignments that are configured to allow scheduling for “Openings only” will show a calendar with green highlights to indicate unfilled openings, and will only allow the volunteer to be scheduled for one of those available times. Assignments that are configured to allow scheduling for “Any times” will continue to allow volunteers to be scheduled outside of schedule openings.

To schedule a volunteer via the “Schedule” tab of their own volunteer record using this feature, select an Assignment from the ‘Add to schedule ‘ dropdown and click the ‘Go’ button. The interface that appears will depend on the ‘Rules’ tab settings of the corresponding Assignment record.

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