Tip of the Week June 5, 2017

Creating and maintaining System Operator records

The credentials for the first Administrator in an account are created from the trial account information used when the account is started. Thereafter, the Administrator creates and maintains all System Operator records for the account. The Volgistics Team does not assign, or update, login credentials for operators.

Your account’s service level limits how many System Operator records can be in place. Each account has room for two operators by default. After this, the service level determines how many operators can be added.

You can view the System Operator records in your account by selecting Setup from the menu and then expanding the “System Operators” link. Each record has a “Date of Last Activity” field that shows when the operator accessed the system last. In some cases, such as if the record was updated, the “Date of Last Activity” will show that the operator has never logged in even if they have. In this case, you can search your account’s Event Log to see the last time the operator logged in. Your web browser’s Find feature (CTRL+F) can help you look for logins from one particular operator.

If you need to update or delete a System Operator’s record, select Setup from the menu, expand the “System Operators” link, and then select the operator’s name. To add a new operator, click the “Create a new operator” link.

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