Tip of the Week June 30, 2014

Launch the VicTouch module from your computer

For security, we recommend that VicTouch is always launched in the kiosk mode. The kiosk mode hides the URL address for your Volgistics account as well as the web browser controls. You can find information on how to launch VicTouch in kiosk mode here.

There are times when you may want to launch VicTouch on a temporary basis without going through the steps involved to setup the kiosk. This can be beneficial in situations such as:

  • Your organization does not use VicTouch and you want to try it on a trial basis.

  • You made changes to the module’s setup and want to preview it.

  • You want to sign a volunteer in without going to the VicTouch kiosk.

  • You want to check if a problem you’re experiencing is system wide, or just at your VicTouch kiosk.

To quickly launch VicTouch from your local computer, select Setup from the menu, expand the VicTouch link, and select Launch at this computer. When the module appears on your screen, use your computer’s mouse to click on the buttons.

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