Tip of the Week June 24, 2013

Data security is often at the forefront of the news today. We strive to make your Volgistics account secure behind the scenes, and also prevent unauthorized users from gaining access by using three-factor authentication for login and security blocks to prevent repeated attempts to guess your password.

However, the majority of security experts feel that the human element is the greatest threat to security. The same is true in Volgistics. The biggest security weakness in Volgistics is the use of easy to guess passwords. Passwords such as the ones listed in this article on the 25 worst passwords of 2013 make it much easier for unauthorized users to gain access to your account.

We encourage account Administrators to require strong passwords for System Operators. Many security experts are now recommending that passwords be at least 11 characters long. Please click here for information on how to setup the password strength settings for your account.

Please note that if an unauthorized user does hack a password to gain access to one particular account, they will only have access to the information in that account. The information in other accounts is not accessible. Similarly, if a volunteer’s login information for VicNet is jeopardized, only that particular volunteer’s information is available in the VicNet account.

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