Tip of the Week January 7, 2013

Send PDF reports from Adobe Reader using your local email programs

Volgistics uses Adobe programs to create reports that are run in PDF format. In most cases, this means that when you open the PDF report from the In Box tab of your Volgistics Mailbox it will open in the Adobe Reader program. In some cases, you can use this program to send a copy of the report using your local email program instead of downloading the report to your local computer, or saving the report to be sent as an attachment from Volgistics. This can save time if you just need to send a copy of a report from Volgistics to an email address that is not recorded in your Volgistics account.

Please note this will only work if 1) Your email browser opens PDF files using Adobe Reader (Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox do—Chrome does not by default), and 2) You use a local email program such as Microsoft Outlook to send email messages (Internet email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL will not work).

Here is how you do this:

1. Open the PDF report you need from the In Box tab of your Volgistics Mailbox.
2. Click the email icon in the menu bar.
3. Click the Send Copy button to send the entire file as an attachment. The option to send the report as a link will not work.
4. Complete the fields to send an email message.

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