Tip of the Week January 23, 2017

Edit a volunteer’s sign-in time for VicTouch

If your organization uses the VicTouch module, there may be times when volunteers arrive for duty and begin serving without remembering to sign-in. If this occurs and you find out before the volunteer leaves, you can easily correct this.

First, have the volunteer sign-in through VicTouch. If it is not practical to have the volunteer leave their station to sign-in, you can sign-in for them if you know their PIN. This can be done at the VicTouch station or at your own computer. Our blog explains how you can briefly start VicTouch to do things such as sign-in for a volunteer.

Once the volunteer is signed-in, bring up the Who’s Here page in your Volgistics account. You can click the Edit link to change a volunteer’s “Time in” to the time that they actually arrived. You can learn more in Help topic 2307.

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