Tip of the Week December 16, 2013

Simplify VicNet access for users who have a volunteer and a Coordinator record.

If your organization uses the VicNet module, you may have users who have a volunteer and a Coordinator record in the system. In this case, the user would need to enter the appropriate login name and password combination each time to be taken to either their volunteer or Coordinator VicNet account.

You can simplify access for these users so they do not have to remember different login names and/or passwords by:

  1. Enter the same email address on the Core tab of the volunteer record and the Coordinator tab of the Coordinator record.

  2. Enter the same password in the “Change Password” fields on the Vic tab of the volunteer and the Coordinator record.

When these steps are followed, the user will see an option to select between their volunteer and Coordinator accounts when they login to VicNet. Help topic 1093 explains more.

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