Restrict VicNet Time Sheet Tab Access

The VicNet Time Sheet tab can now be enabled for just selected volunteers

The VicNet module has a Time Sheet tab feature that allows your volunteers to input their service information from any computer or device connected to the Internet. Depending on your organization, you may want all volunteers to have access to VicNet, but only allow certain volunteers to enter their service information. For example, if your organization has Adult and Youth volunteers and you only want Adult volunteers to be able to enter service hours. Or, you may use VicTouch to track hours for the majority of your volunteers when they sign-in and out at your facility, but you have some volunteers who serve off-site in the community, and you want to allow these volunteers to enter their hours and mileage.

Volgistics recently added a new feature to VicNet that will enable you to do this. The tab can now be setup so only volunteers with a certain Type and/or Flag can see the tab. Volunteers who have access to VicNet, but who do not have the required Type or Flag, will not see the Time Sheet tab. Help topic 1204 shows how to set this up.

As always, you can setup your account so service entries made through VicNet are sent to be audited by a System Operator.

This new feature adds flexibility to the methods available to track service so we’re confident it will be a useful addition. Please submit a help inquiry to the support team if you have any questions about this that were not answered in this blog.

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