New Training Videos Available

Many organizations use our VicNet and VicTouch modules to provide a way for volunteers to access the system to schedule themselves for assignments, view their service history, read messages, and more. Help topics 1148 and 1147 provide training for volunteers on how to use these modules. You can click the “Printable view” link at the bottom of these help topics to create hand-outs for orientations or training meetings.

We are pleased to announce that we now have video tutorials to use as an additional tool! You can download these videos to use as part of your orientation or training meeting, or send new volunteers the URL link so they can view the video on its own.

We’ve created separate videos to show the VicNet module in the different ways it could be setup in your account. For example, there are separate videos for the list and calendar views of the Schedule tab. Select the video that matches your account’s setup the closest to help viewers retain the new information. There are even videos to train Coordinators on how to use VicNet because they are able to use more scheduling features than volunteers.

We hope you find these videos to be a valuable tool that saves you time and effort. To get to these videos, click the “Volunteer Training Videos” link in the “Quick Links” section at the bottom of our Login page. Or you can go directly to the following URL address:

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