New Opportunity Directory Available

A few weeks ago, we launched a closed beta period for the new version of VicNet. It’s been going well, and our development team has been cranking out updates for it based on the feedback and usage data we’ve been getting. If you’re not in that beta, check out the intro video. You’ll get a sneak peek and learn how you can get access.

As mentioned there, we’re working on applying similar updates to other volunteer-facing parts of the system. The next piece, the Opportunity Directory, is available now!

If you’re not familiar with it, the Opportunity Directory provides a way for you to post information about your Assignments publicly, so anyone can learn more about what these different tasks entail and see when they take place.

The new version makes the appearance more modern and adds a whole host of new features like a map, a schedule view showing openings, and social sharing options. Plus the whole thing is responsive, so it looks great no matter what kind of device you’re using. However the new features won’t be supported in Internet Explorer, since Microsoft is working on retiring that browser for good.

Unlike the new VicNet, we’re launching this as an open beta, so it’s available for everyone right now. But it is still a beta, so expect a few rounds of minor changes and bug fixes to be released in the coming weeks as well.

So please watch the short video below and check out the new Opportunity Directory. We think you’ll really like it. And keep an eye out for more updates for this and other parts of the system as we continue to roll these out.

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