Get Your Automatic Reports Faster

Tip of the Week January 15, 2024

Custom reports can be scheduled to run automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. When you choose to run reports automatically, those reports will be queued and processed during Volgistics’ overnight maintenance cycle.

Although these commands are typically completed very quickly, sometimes backlogs may create delays. If you prefer to schedule your reports on the first or last days of the month, you’re not alone; these days in particular will often have very long queues and considerable waiting times for all reports and overnight commands to finish.

To avoid these delays, consider scheduling your reports to print on a day of the month other than the first or last day. This will help ensure that your automatic reports are ready and waiting for you to review first thing in the morning.

In addition, waiting a few days will give you and your volunteers to finish making recent entries. Reports run on the first for the previous month may be incomplete, but reports run on the 10th will likely have everything entered.

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