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A few weeks ago we posted regarding email codes that are available to use when sending email through Volgistics.  At that time, you could only address the email with the full first and last name.  We have since created two additional email codes that will allow you to include just the first name or just what we are calling the “friendly name”.  The “friendly name” includes the name saved in the “Nickname” field of a volunteer’s record.  Remember that if you include these email codes in an email you send through Volgistics, the code will actually be replaced with the correct information from the volunteer’s record.  For example, sending an email message to John Doe that states “Hi [[firstname]], this is Larry with ABC Hospital…”, will actually appear as “Hi John, this is Larry with ABC Hospital…”.

The two new email ‘codes’ are:

[[firstname]] – this will include the volunteer’s first name

[[friendlyname]] – this will include the volunteer’s nickname.  If a volunteer does not have a nickname saved in the “Nickname” field of their record, then the name in the “First name” field will be used.

If you have any questions about this feature, please submit an inquiry through your Volgistics account and we will be happy to help.

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  1. I love the new name features, but we have had to put the nickname in the first name field because when a schedule is viewed or printed, or a list is pulled, it doesn’t use the nickname, which is what supervisors see, and then call their volunteers. We have over 600 active volunteers, so it’s too hard to pull open their file instead of just looking at the schedule list.

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