Collecting Information from Fillable Forms

Tip of the Week June 20, 2022

Now that volunteers are able to upload documents, you can collect documents that require digital signatures (such as waivers, release forms, or authorization forms) through VicNet. This feature can only be used in the new version of VicNet in accounts that also use VicDocs.

Keep in mind that in order to create a fillable form, or a form with a signature field, you’ll need to use third party software, such as Adobe Acrobat.

After you’ve created a fillable form:

  1. Upload the form to the Documents tab in your Volgistics Mailbox.
  2. Add the form to a Document Link Box using the VicNet Beta Home Page settings. You can also add some instructions for filling out the form.

Volunteers will see the form(s) on the Home Page in VicNet. They’ll be able to download the forms and complete any fillable fields. Using the Document Upload feature, volunteers can upload the completed form to their record.

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