Tip of the Week October 21, 2013

Helpful Hints for VicNet Passwords

If your organization uses the VicNet module, your volunteers will need a password to login to the secure portal. Initially, the volunteer’s number is used as the volunteer’s password. However, volunteers may have a password that is different from their volunteer number if one of the following applies.

The first is if your settings on the VicNet Ground Rules page allow volunteers to change their own password. In this case, volunteers may have selected a password that is different from their volunteer number after they logged into VicNet.

The second is if a System Operator changed the volunteer’s password on the Vic tab of the volunteer’s record. Help topic 2162 explains more about how this is done.

By design, there is not a way for System Operators to see a volunteer’s password. However, volunteers can recover their own password by clicking the “Forget your password?” link on the sign-in page. You can also send volunteers their password with the Send Password button, the VicNet password email, or with an email code.

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