Tip of the Week November 3, 2014

How to schedule substitutes for regularly scheduled volunteers who are on vacation or have a prolonged absence.

Volgistics comes with a built-in feature to make scheduling substitute volunteers for short term absences easier. If your volunteer will only be gone a couple of days, this way works great because it is easier and your schedule will show that the substitute is filling in for the regular volunteer.

However, if your regularly scheduled volunteers will be gone for a number of days, you would need to schedule the substitute on each day the regularly scheduled volunteer will be gone. While this works fine, there is another way you can schedule a substitute for an extended time. This method does not have the advantage of showing both the substitute and the regular volunteers’ names on the schedule, but it does allow you to schedule the replacement volunteer and put the regular volunteer back on the schedule. Help topic 2555 shows the steps to take to do this.

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