Tip of the Week January 21, 2019

Track the total number of shifts or visits volunteers serve

Organizations may want to track how many times their volunteers have served, rather than just how many hours they’ve served. Volgistics makes this possible with Service Measures. These are an ideal feature for recording special types of service performed, and can be easily configured to keep track of the number of ‘Shifts’ or ‘Visits’ that volunteers complete.

To setup a Service Measure to keep track of ‘Shifts’ or ‘Visits’, you’ll start by selecting ‘Setup’, then choosing ‘Service tracking’, and clicking ‘Service measures’. Select any available measure to get started. Enter a name (such as “Shifts” or “Visits”), keep the Format set to ‘Whole number (0)’, enter a ‘Default value’ of “1”, and then click the ‘Save’ button. Once you’ve done this, re-select the Service Measure, click the “Make default value retroactive” button, and then click ‘OK’.

This will update all existing service entries and setup all future service entries to count as “1” Shift or Visit. You can then include this data in many types of custom reports, such as custom Service Summary Reports or Service Details Reports, to obtain information on not just how many hours volunteers have served, but how many shifts or visits they have served.

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