Tip of the Week January 15, 2018

Name Sets by function to make them easy to find

As your Volgistics account grows, you may find that you have a lengthy list when you select Sets from the menu. The list of Sets is alphabetized by the name that you give to the Set, but it may be difficult to find the Set you need from a long list.

One thing that can help is to start your Set names with the function the Set performs. For example, instead of naming Sets “January Birthdays,” “February Birthdays,” “March Birthdays,” etc.; name them “Birthdays in January,” “Birthdays in February,” “Birthdays in March,” etc.

This will cause all the birthday Sets to be grouped together under “B” on the list instead of under “J” for January, “F” for February, “M” for March, etc. This bit of extra organization can help you locate the Sets you need more efficiently.

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