Tip of the Week December 17, 2012

Include archived volunteer records on Excel spreadsheet reports

Your Volgistics database is divided into non-archived and archived sections. The service hours for records in the archive will still appear on Service Summary and Service Details reports, and in your cumulative hours total. However, records in the archive cost less on a record-by-record basis because they are more limited than non-archived records. For example, archived volunteers cannot be scheduled, access VicNet or VicTouch, be tagged, or receive email messages.

In addition, archived volunteer information is not available on most reports in Volgistics. If you need to run a report that includes information from archived records, you will need to use a custom Excel spreadsheet report and choose to include the archived records on the Options tab of the report. For help on this, please refer to help topics 2223 “Creating Custom Reports,” 8261 “Excel Spread Sheet Reports” and 1078 “Options.”

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