Tip of the Week August 28, 2017

Limit the rights or access to Volgistics for specific System Operators

If a Volgistics Account will utilize the services of system operators other than just the account’s Administrator(s), it may be important to define specific limits of the rights or access for those users. This way they aren’t able to, or don’t have to, manage more settings than exceeds their intended function in your organization. There are two primary ways to do this: via their system operator page, and by customizing access for entire user levels—that is, ‘Power Users’ and ‘Basic Users’.

The system operator page allows you to assign an operator a Site Level Access restriction, to set their user level, to limit their access to Volgistics to just specific host IP addresses, to customize which menu items they have access to, and to customize which specific tasks they can perform. Controlling rights and access for entire user levels allows you to set tab rights and field rights which will apply to all system operators with the corresponding user level. You can learn more about limiting rights or access for specific System Operators in Help Topic 2028.

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