New Multi-Site Level Access Feature

Volgistics’ Site Level Access feature gives the ability to limit a System Operator to one Site in your account. Now with Multi-Site Level Access you can limit an operator to a pool of up to 10 Sites so they can switch their view between the Sites.

The Volgistics team is excited to announce that Multi-Site Level Access is now available. This feature expands on the Site Level Access feature where you can limit a System Operator to viewing just one Site’s Assignments and volunteers. With the new feature, you can assign an operator to a pool of up to ten Sites so they can quickly switch their access to a new Site without exiting from Volgistics.

This introductory video outlines the basics of the new feature:

Don’t like YouTube? Click here instead.

Help topic 2209 “How to Use Multi-Site Level Access” gives a more in-depth look at Multi-Site Level access.

As with all updates from Volgistics, you do not need to pay extra money to get the latest software version to take advantage of Multi-Site Level Access. It’s already included for you to use free-of-charge without upgrading to a new version. Simply enable the new feature in your account and you’re ready to take advantage of the added benefits of Multi-Site Level Access!

If you have any questions for the team, we’re happy to assist you. Just submit an inquiry as shown in help topic 1027 “Sending and Receiving Help Inquiries” and we’ll respond promptly.

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