Modify Schedule Statistics Reports to Cover Different Time Periods

Tip of the Week February 08, 2021

One of the stock Schedule Reports available in Volgistics is the Schedule Statistics (Stock) report. This report allows you to quickly see how many openings are filled and unfilled for each assignment. You can also get an unduplicated volunteer count for how many volunteers are scheduled for the assignment.

By default, this report is setup to cover a one month time period that you select. However, you can modify the report to cover weekly or daily time periods instead. To do this:

1. Select Print from the Menu.

2. Expand the Schedule link.

3. Select “Schedule statistics (stock).”

4. Click the “Clone it” button.

This “spins off” a copy of the report with the same settings as the stock report. You can change the settings on the Options tab to cover a different time period. You can also save the modified report so you do not need to create it again.

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