Customize Schedule Reminders

Tip of the Week February 26, 2024

Schedule reminder messages are customizable, so you can choose the text and content for them. In addition to the dates, times, and Assignments, you can add links to Assignment descriptions as well as schedule notes.

To see the available options and customize your schedule reminders:

  1. Choose Setup from the menu
  2. Expand Scheduling.
  3. Click the type of reminder you’d like
  4. Here, you can customize the text in the top and bottom sections, and choose what parts of the schedule you’d like in between them.
  5. If you make any changes, be sure to click the Save button.

Note that these options only apply to the email version of the message. Text messages are very short by nature, and can’t be customized. You can learn more about schedule reminders and how to set them up in Schedule Reminders.

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