Create a Local Back-up of Your Data

Volgistics takes many precautions to ensure that you are able to access your data whenever and wherever you choose.  Despite all of these precautions, there are scenarios where you might be unable to connect to Volgistics. One such scenario would be if your local connection to the Internet is interrupted due to an event such as a major data line being severed.

For a situation where your volunteer information is not accessible because you cannot connect to your Volgistics account, we recommend keeping a back-up of your account’s information on your local computer or local network. Please remember if you do this, the normal precautions Volgistics uses to safeguard your data will not apply to this local back-up. We recommend using file encryption and/or password protection to protect the integrity of this information. Also, in some organizations, it may be necessary to contact a data security officer within your organization before storing your information locally.

The following video is designed to show you how to create and store a local back-up of your information. These can be setup to run automatically on a weekly or monthly basis so they will regularly appear in your Volgistics Mailbox. But remember, you access your Volgistics Mailbox through the Internet. Therefore, these back-ups must be saved to your local computer or network after they appear in your Mailbox in order for the information to be available in the event of an emergency. As always, if you have any questions about this or any other feature, please submit an inquiry from the ‘Help E-mail’ tab of your Volgistics Mailbox.

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