Who Uses Volgistics?

We often receive requests from potential customers for the names of other organizations who use Volgistics. While we’re proud of the quality and prestige of the organizations we serve, our Privacy Policy states that we will not share customer information that’s entrusted to us. However, with an expanding customer base of over 2,400 customers, you may be able to find other Volgistics users by asking around in your network of volunteer coordinators or by searching the Internet.

The majority of Volgistics’ customers are located in the United States and Canada, but the program is rapidly expanding worldwide with approximately ten new trial accounts a month coming from countries outside of the United States. Customer accounts range in size from those with over 40,000 volunteer records to those with fewer than fifty. The customizable features of the software allow it to be used by a wide variety of volunteer organizations including medical centers, museums, animal shelters, zoos, libraries, schools, parks and recreation departments, and many more.

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