Tip of the Week September 8, 2014

Clear your own security blocks for your account.

To protect customer accounts from hackers who might try to guess the password or other information to access an account, Volgistics automatically places a security block on accounts where too many invalid login attempts have been made from the same IP address. This sometimes inadvertently is put in place if a System Operator forgets his or her login information. In this case, a System Operator who remembers his or her login information, and has access to the Setup page, can clear the block by:

  1. If the operator is not logged in already, they will need to login at a computer that has a different IP address than the computer the operator who had the invalid login attempts used. If your organization uses a network where all the IP addresses are the same, you can use a device such as a smart phone to login with.

  2. Select Setup from the Menu.

  3. Expand the “Account management” link.

  4. Select “Remove block.”

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